During this time of lockdown I have been working through material for a new project started earlier this year with Dr. Louise Hughes, Life Science Product Manager at Oxford Instruments. Airborne uses Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry and scanning Electron Microscopy to isolate individual pollutant elements such as cobalt, cadmium, magnesium on the surface of leaves. Using Ilex leaves chosen for their durability and Pine needles for their filtration properties, samples were taken between London and Greece, from Industrial areas along side motorways to wilderness sites in the Alps and botanic gardens including Geneva and Padua.

The images reveal micro Brueghelian landscapes, complex crystallised terrains in turmoil that belie their sinister implications to recall the predictions of J G Ballard.

In a NanoAnalysis Blog for Oxford Instruments I discuss the background to the project with Louise Hughes in which there is a link to a Webinar where we discuss our collaboration and the scientific background to it. 

Science from an artistic perspective